Ken Gosier, Home Page

This is a personal webpage, showing various technical work I've done and research projects I've been involved in. It also includes my current CV and links to some fun diversions.

My vimrc file.


An archive of various technical stuff I've done in the past.


Some research projects I've worked on.


My current resume: MS Word


Some of my favorite humor from the net.
One of my very favorite passages from "On the Road," by Jack Kerouac.
Travelogue from my Europe trip in August 2002.
My second travelogue, this one from my trip to Death Valley and Las Vegas in April 2003.
Rolling Stone article from 1987 about Pink Floyd's breakup. From my pf fanboy days. :-)
Kurt Vonnegut's speech to the 1997 graduating class at MIT. Not actually Vonnegut, but still a good read.
A similar speech by Guy Kawasaki.

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